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Hello fellow yoursavingsclub money missing friends. read my story i have a solution.

I was first ripped off by this scam five years ago. my daughter wanted a free credit report, but to get it she needed a credit card number. she used my debit card.

for the first year they charded me thirty five dollars a month and a dollar every time i used my debit card. I got a live person on the phone three years later. they refunded my money, however today they still take a dollar a month. this is so nobody notices. you will never get a live person on the phone today.

this is how you fix it you go to your bank fill out a complaint form. the bank will issue you new cards with new numbers, this sucks i know but you won't get ripped off again. the complaint form goes to the financial federal officials who will investigate, in the mean time the bank can get back all the money they took, back four months.thats what my bank did for me. in the future get a pre-paid credit card for all your on-line shoping. they can't steal what is not there.

this is fraud if enough of us get together we can start a class action law suit. I have made reports with the better business bureau and the consumer complaint department, as well as my bank. Its we the people for WE the people. i'm looking into a law suit.

good luck and thanks for reading


Monetary Loss: $500.

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